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Why is Google Merchant Center cropping my product images and how can I prevent it?

Google Merchant Center's algorithm automatically crops images to focus more on the product, which can sometimes result in unexpected proportions.

To prevent cropping, Google recommends following image guidelines, such as using a white background for .jpeg images and avoiding transparent backgrounds in .png images.

Uploading .png images with transparent backgrounds can result in unintended cropping, as the algorithm tries to focus on the product.

Google Shopping allows for up to 10 additional images for each product, which should show multiple angles, close-ups, and action shots to provide a comprehensive view of the product.

Optimizing product images for Google Shopping campaigns can increase sales by providing a better user experience and showcasing products in the best possible light.

A Google Merchant account is required to use Google Shopping, which is free and easy to manage, with the option to speak to a human representative if needed.

To list products with Google Shopping, a data feed with optimized product images and relevant information needs to be uploaded.

Google's cropping algorithm experiments with the best display options for each product, which may result in automatic cropping.

The purpose of cropping is to focus the image more on the product, making it more visually appealing and increasing the chances of a sale.

Uploading high-resolution images with a white background can help prevent cropping and ensure that the product is showcased in the best possible way.

Using editing software like Canva or hiring a photographer can help create high-quality images that are less likely to be cropped.

Google Merchant Center's image guidelines state that images should not include promotional overlays or offers, as they may be disapproved due to non-compliance with Merchant Center policies.

Automatic image improvements is a new feature that Google has rolled out to simplify the process of updating product images.

Google recommends uploading product images in .jpeg format, as this format does not allow for further changes to the image.

Create photorealistic images of your products in any environment without expensive photo shoots! (Get started for free)