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What are some reputable online platforms and auction houses where I can sell my old photographs to reach a wide audience and get a good price for them?

EBay and Etsy provide a vast reach to potential buyers, with millions of active users.

Dedicated photography marketplaces, such as, specialize in vintage photos.

Adobe Stock, Alamy, and ShutterStock offer opportunities to monetize your images, with millions of active buyers.

Just Collect focuses on collectors, offering a platform to sell your old photographs.

Back to the Past Collectibles is an online marketplace for vintage items, including old photographs.

Sotheby's auctions provide a prestigious and high-end option for selling your photographs.

The type and condition of your photographs will significantly affect the selling price.

Collectors often look for historical significance or unique subjects in the photos they purchase.

Sotheby's possesses expertise in photography, with over 40 years of experience in regular photography sales.

CDVs (Carte de Visite) were a popular form of small photographs in the mid-19th century, often mounted on cards.

PicTime is an online gallery and image hosting website, offering a platform for event and wedding photographers.

Selling your photos through galleries or art fairs allows for direct interaction with potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of finding a collector interested in your work.

Offering limited edition prints of your photographs can increase their value and appeal to collectors.

Collaborating with designers, publishers, or advertising agencies can offer alternative ways of monetizing your photographs.

Joining photography forums or social media groups can help you network with fellow photographers, potential buyers, or even gallery owners.

Licensing your photographs through agencies or platforms can provide a passive income stream.

Donating your photographs to museums or institutions with the possibility of a future sale can also be a viable option.

Keeping up with current photographic trends and styles can increase your chances of appealing to a broader audience.

Researching the sales and success stories of similar photographs or photographers can provide insight into potential selling strategies.

Create photorealistic images of your products in any environment without expensive photo shoots! (Get started for free)