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Is it possible to legally include images found online on a product I'm selling, even if the images are copyrighted?

**Copyright law applies even if you don't make a profit**, so using copyrighted images on a product without permission is still illegal, even if you're not selling the product for a profit.

**Finding an image online doesn't mean it's free to use**.

Just because an image is publicly available online doesn't mean the copyright holder has given permission for anyone to use it.

**The "fair use" doctrine is complex**.

While it allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission, it's often difficult to determine whether a particular use qualifies as "fair use."

**CC licenses are not the same as public domain**.

Creative Commons licenses are permissions granted by the copyright holder, while public domain means the work is no longer protected by copyright.

**Reading licenses carefully is crucial**.

CC licenses can have varying restrictions, such as non-commercial use or attribution requirements.

**Embedding images or videos can be legal, but has limitations**.

Embedding content from another website can be considered legal under US copyright law, but this only applies if the content is not cached or stored on your server.

**Google Images search results may not reveal the original source**.

Even if you search for an image on Google, the results may not lead you to the original copyright holder or the terms of use.

**Licensing platforms can provide legal access to original images**.

Platforms like EyeEm Market allow photographers to license their images to users, providing a legal way to access original content.

**Creating your own images is always the safest option**.

Taking your own photos or creating original graphics eliminates the risk of copyright infringement.

**Image owners have the right to claim compensation**.

If you use a copyrighted image without permission, the owner can demand compensation, even if you didn't intend to infringe on their rights.

**Verifying the original source of an image can be difficult**.

Even with online tools, it may be hard to determine the original source of an image, making it difficult to obtain permission or verify licensing terms.

**Manufacturer-supplied product images may not be high-quality or customizable**.

Using low-resolution or blurry images supplied by manufacturers can negatively impact your product's appearance, and taking your own photos can provide better results.

Create photorealistic images of your products in any environment without expensive photo shoots! (Get started for free)