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Is it legal to use copyrighted images if you credit the source? What are the guidelines and limitations for fair use in such cases?

**Giving credit doesn't make it legal**: Using a copyrighted image without permission, even if you give credit, is generally not allowed.

**Fair use is complex**: Determining whether fair use applies requires careful consideration of several factors, including the purpose and character of the use, the nature of the copyrighted work, and the effect on the market for the original work.

**Creative Commons licenses have conditions**: Creators can grant permission for others to use their works under certain conditions, such as requiring attribution or limiting use to non-commercial purposes.

**Public domain images are free to use**: Images in the public domain are not subject to copyright protection and can be used freely by anyone.

**Attribution is still a good practice**: Providing attribution for public domain images is considered good practice and shows respect for the original creator.

**Permission is usually required**: In most cases, permission from the copyright holder is required to use a copyrighted image, unless it's considered fair use.

**Fair use is not a clear-cut concept**: The rules for fair use are not clearly defined, and determining what constitutes fair use can be complex and subjective.

**Giving credit is not the same as fair use**: Giving credit and fair use are separate concepts, and giving credit does not necessarily make the use of a copyrighted image legal.

**You can search for image sources using Google Images**: Using Google Images' reverse image search feature can help you find the original source of an image.

**Copyright holders have exclusive rights**: Copyright holders have exclusive rights to their works, and using them without permission can be considered copyright infringement.

**Fair use is stronger for critique or transformative use**: In the context of using images on a website, you have a stronger fair use argument if you are directly commenting on or critiquing the image or using the image in a transformative way.

**Attribute the rights holder in the caption or description**: When using an image, attribute the rights holder in the caption or description to give proper credit.

**Tag people in photos to give credit**: When posting a photo, you can give credit by tagging the original creator or rights holder in the photo.

**CC-licensed materials have license conditions**: Using CC-licensed materials requires following the license conditions, which may include attribution and other requirements.

**Using your own images is the safest option**: Creating your own images is the best way to avoid copyright issues and ensure you have the necessary permissions and rights to use the image.

Create photorealistic images of your products in any environment without expensive photo shoots! (Get started for free)