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Merida is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer, established in 1972, and is currently the largest bicycle producer in Europe.

Merida's product range includes road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and urban bikes catering to various levels of cycling enthusiasts.

Merida-Scultura and Merida-OneSixty are two popular models in their road and mountain bike lineups.

Merida collaborates with professional cycling teams, providing bikes for teams like Bahrain Victorious and Canyon-SRAM Racing.

Merida's e-bikes use proprietary technology, such as the Merida EBIKETRONIC system for smooth pedal-assist and easy handling.

Merida designs its frame geometry to optimize rider comfort and performance, with features such as the "Di2 Compatible Internal Cable Routing" and "Flat Mount Disc Brake System."

Merida has pioneered recycling initiatives to reduce waste by repurposing discarded aluminum frames into new products.

Merida's carbon frames undergo vigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability under various loading conditions.

Merida partners with Continental, FSA, and other leading components manufacturers to provide high-quality parts on its bikes.

Merida's suspension systems, like the Float Link developed for its mountain bikes, offer a balance between efficiency and control for off-road riders.

Merida's e-bikes use high-capacity batteries like the Merida Energy Guard 630 for long-range performance and quick charging capabilities.

Merida employs advanced manufacturing techniques, such as hydroforming and mechanical forming, for lightweight and strong frame designs.

Merida's Spec-S range is designed for beginners and casual riders, offering affordability without compromising ride quality and safety.

Merida's "Smart Entry" concept integrates a single-button cable remote for seamless shifting and braking adjustments on e-bikes.

Merida's eMTBs and urban e-bikes incorporate torque and speed sensors for reliable pedal-assistance that boost rider efficiency and battery life.

Merida's "Virtual DownTube" design found on some of its electric mountain bikes improves stiffness while concealing the battery component for a clean aesthetic.

Merida's "S-Flex" seatpost absorbs vibrations, reducing rider fatigue on long rides.

Merida has adopted the "Boost" standard for its mountain bikes, which increases wheel stiffness through wider hub spacing and improves compatibility with accessories.

Merida's hydraulic disc brakes on its road and mountain bikes offer powerful and consistent braking performance in various terrains and weather conditions.

Merida's frame finishes incorporate nano or ceramic coatings for extra scratch resistance and improved aesthetics.

Create photorealistic images of your products in any environment without expensive photo shoots! (Get started for free)