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What is the best way to get high-quality product photography for my clothing brand within a budget of $500?

**Custom shoot costs**: A custom creative shoot for product photography can cost between $500 and over $4000 for the day, depending on the complexity of the project.

**Photographer's skill level affects cost**: The cost of product photography can vary greatly depending on the skill level and experience of the photographer, with rates per image ranging from $10 to $150 and per hour rates from $50 to $500.

**Freelance photographers can be cost-effective**: Utilizing freelance photographers or DIY setups can help keep costs down for product photography.

**Fixed-rate pricing**: Some companies offer fixed-rate pricing for specific packages, such as the Fashion Starter Pack from soona for $593, which can provide a clear understanding of costs upfront.

**Industry-standard pricing**: Ecommerce photography typically costs between $20.90 per photo for a standard white background image featuring just the product.

**Creative photography costs more**: A custom shoot with creative photography will cost more than a standard shoot, and it's easier to budget by the day rather than by the photo.

**Hourly rates for photographers**: The average cost to hire a product photographer is $50 to $500 per hour, or $10 to $150 per image, depending on their skill level.

**Post-processing costs time**: While photo editing software subscription costs are low-cost for product photographers, the real cost of post-processing is time.

**Complexity affects pricing**: Product photography can cost between $29 to $1000 per photo depending on the complexity of the project.

**Lifestyle images cost more**: Lifestyle images can cost a few thousand dollars, while simple white background images typically cost between $25-$50.

**Commercial shoot costs**: A commercial shoot can cost $3000-$10,000 for a full day.

**Producer fees**: A producer can cost $3271 per month, depending on the number of moving parts in the shoot.

**Model and MUA fees**: A model can cost $750-$1000 per day, and a makeup artist can cost $750-$1000 per day plus kit fee for their makeup kit.

**DIY setup costs**: Creating a DIY setup for product photography can be done on a low budget, with a simple setup requiring a table, a white background, and some creative arrangement of the products.

**Rush service terms**: Rush service terms for product photography typically include a minimum of 1-2 weeks' notice, with specific terms and conditions on the time frame of the completion of work.

Create photorealistic images of your products in any environment without expensive photo shoots! (Get started for free)