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What are some effective ways to increase my earnings on Redbubble and CGTrader as a new artist, and what strategies worked best for fellow creators in my second year on these platforms?

Redbubble allows artists to earn royalties by selling their designs on various products without any upfront costs or monthly fees.

CGTrader offers a Loyalty Discounts program, which enables users to earn points for purchasing and selling 3D models and later redeem them for discounts.

The average artist's yearly income on Redbubble is approximately $100, assuming they upload around 260 quality designs, based on a statistical expectation.

On CGTrader, users can find detailed personal sales data, such as earnings, monthly statistics, and taxes, through their dashboard or the My Sales section.

Due to the vast number of products available on Redbubble, an artist's work can be exposed to a larger audience, increasing the chances of sales.

A concerning allegation has surfaced, accusing CGTrader of stealing an artist's money and deleting their creator account without warning or reason.

At the time of writing, neither Redbubble nor CGTrader charge artists for creating an account, uploading their work, or receiving royalty payments.

Redbubble transfers royalty payments to artists once their account reaches a balance of $20, payable via PayPal or directly into their bank account.

Artists can increase their reach and visibility on Redbubble by leveraging social media platforms, creating dedicated websites, and collaborating with fellow artists.

On Turbosquid, a platform similar to CGTrader, users report earning around $30 per month from simple 3D models, with approximately 30-35 models in their portfolio.

CGTrader's new listing page defaults to "redbubble" in the URL, indicating a potential connection between the two platforms, although the nature of the relationship remains unclear.

Utilizing Patreon to share 3D printable models and subsequently posting them on various platforms for passive income is a common and successful strategy for many creators.

Redbubble artists should be vigilant regarding the distribution of links to their Patreon pages, as CGTrader has reportedly contacted users demanding the removal of these links in the past.

In order to spend loyalty points on CGTrader, users must accrue a balance of at least 15 points, and they can only be used if the total value of their purchase equals or exceeds 15.

Loyalty points on CGTrader can be applied automatically if they cover up to 30% of the total purchase price.

CGTrader offers a flash sale typically during the new year, offering users a 50% discount on all 3D building models available on the platform.

Create photorealistic images of your products in any environment without expensive photo shoots! (Get started for free)